You have questions, and we have tried our best to answer them. The following F.A.Q. page is compiled from previous years' festivals. We’re providing these as “guides” to help you navigate your Green River experience, but all policies are subject to change. Please check back to the website regularly for any updates. If there is a question you have that is not answered below or elsewhere, feel free to contact us on our contact page.


We are thrilled to announce that for the first time festival camping will be available at the nearby Franklin County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds offer over 40 acres of flat, open camping area and include RV electric hook-ups, multiple bathrooms with showers, and a weather emergency shelter. Each morning, coffee and breakfast will be available for purchase. On Saturday and Sunday, there will be special "breakfast session" concerts at the fairgrounds.  

All camping passes are combined with a weekend pass and parking at the fairgrounds, with free shuttle buses to and from Greenfield Community College where the festival is held. (The Franklin County Fairgrounds are located 2.5 miles away from the festival grounds ). There will be separate campground areas for family camping, premium camping, and an RV area. All camping passes are for the weekend, with check-in starting at noon on Friday and check-out on Monday before noon. No single-day camping passes will be sold.  You must have a camping wristband to enter the camping area. 

Premium camping passes include not only the festival pass, but amenities such as preferred camping locations near bathroom and shower facilities, preferred parking, free continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, a special gift bag, and more.

RV camping is available with the purchase of a weekend camping pass.  All RV spaces include electric one hook-up. 


  1. Quiet between 11pm-7am 
  2. No fires (cooking stoves allowed)
  3. No pets
  4. No generators
  5. No glass containers
  6. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 
  7. Children 10 are free (just like regular festival passes!)
  9. RVs must stay in the camp for the duration--you will not be allowed to drive your RV back and forth from the campground to the festival ground throughout the weekend. 

What is going to happen when you check in for camping?
When you check in, a staff member will scan your camping pass and give you a camping or premium camping wristband, which allows access to both the campgrounds and the festival. RV passes will be handed out at this time and will need to be placed on your vehicle's dashboard before entering the campgrounds. RV passes should be visible at all times.

Once you have received your wristband, you are free to move between the camp and festival grounds with ease. DO NOT REMOVE your wristband for any reason during the festival. Your wristband is now your pass; without it, you will not have access to either the campgrounds or the festival.

What is the difference between camping, and RV camping?
Festival goers with a camping pass are granted access to the campgrounds and campground bathrooms. RV camping has access to one electrical hook up.

Each camper must purchase a festival pass with camping for all camping levels. Only one RV pass is required per vehicle. If you are purchasing an RV pass for your vehicle, each person in your vehicle must purchase a festival pass with camping. The RV pass DOES NOT grant you access to camping or to the festival. 

What is considered an RV?
An RV pass is required for any vehicle (car, van, towed trailer, camper, buses, etc.) coming onto the campgrounds intended for sleeping. You need to purchase an RV pass IN ADDITION to your weekend pass. Admission to Green River Festival is not included with an RV pass.

Is there a size limitation when it comes to my RV or the number of tents we can have? 
No, there is no size limitations. 

Do RVs need to arrive by a certain time?

Can I drive my RV back and forth from the campgrounds to the festival throughout the weekend?
No, RVs must stay in the camp for the duration--you will not be allowed to drive your RV back and forth from the campground to the festival ground throughout the weekend. 

Are there assigned camp sites? 
There are no assigned campsites.

What are the shower facilities?
There will be shower and bathroom facilities available on the campgrounds.

What time do bathrooms/showers close? 
Bathrooms and showers are open 24 hours for campers' convenience.

Is there access to water in the campgrounds? 
Yes, there are water spigots throughout the campgrounds.

If I have a camping pass, do I need to purchase a festival parking pass? 
No, you will have access to parking at the campgrounds. There will be a festival shuttle transporting campers to the festival grounds throughout the day.

But what if I want to drive my car from the campground to the festival during the day and not take the shuttle?
You can absolutely drive your car back and forth to the festival (as long as you have not purchased an RV pass for your vehicle). You'll need to purchase festival parking passes if you choose to park at festival.

Can I bring my bike and use that as transportation to the festival? Will it be safe?
Absolutely! We would LOVE if you did that. We will have the best routes mapped out for you. 

Can you pitch your tent next to your car?
Only cars with RV passes are allowed on the campgrounds.

Are animals allowed on the campgrounds? 

When do the campgrounds open on Friday and when do they close?
The campgrounds will open at noon on Thursday and close at noon on Monday. (Except check-in times are subject to change -- make sure to watch out for emails closer to the festival)

If I already have a festival pass without camping, can I still purchase a camping pass?
Yes! All you have to do is purchase a separate camping pass on our passes page.

If you have any other questions not answered here, please email


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