Dear Green River Festival Campers! 

We’re so excited to have you coming for 2021 festival camping. After one of the toughest years on record, music means more than ever, and there’s such great music coming your way. 

As you’ve heard, the festival and camping are all in one location this year, at the beautiful (and a little busier … ) Franklin County Agricultural Society fairgrounds, where we’ve been holding camp for the last few years. 

The festival will be sold out by the end of this week. Camp and RV sites are also sold out. 

When you get here we hope you'll be impressed with where we’re putting everything. There are three stages, food trucks, the maker’s market, kids' activities, separate expanses within the festival for RVs and tents, and a lot more. It’s a master design by skilled puzzle makers on staff. 

A couple of notes, up front. We ask your patience as we do this — combine festival and camp — in a time when we’re being so careful about public health. We’ll be in a heightened state of organization and care to keep you, our staff, and all the artists touring through healthy and safe. Please look out for each other as well. 

COME EARLY! The festival starts on Friday afternoon. But on Thursday, camp opens at noon. You can load in, get your spot, and enjoy an evening movie and some early bird live music. You can even venture into town to catch a pre-festival show in a great venue there. See Getting Around Greenfield, below.

Below you’ll find useful information. There's also an RV form for all the RVers to fill out, and a camping waiver for every camper to sign. Please have those back to us by 5pm ET on Tuesday. Have a safe journey getting to us. 

With love, The Crew


You’ll be driving to the Franklin County Agricultural Society also known as the Franklin County Fairgrounds. If you use a GPS it would take you to the main gate, on Wisdom Way. The campground (tent campers and RVers) will be using a different gate -- Gate C. Here’s a map and written directions to the camp entrance.

Travel by whatever means to MA I-91. Get off of I-91 at Exit 43. From here it is less than two miles to the festival and camp. The exit will put you into a rotary. Get off the rotary onto Route 2A East. At the second set of traffic lights there’ll be a Dunkin' Donuts on your right. Take that right onto River Street. From River Street, take your first right onto Laurel Street. From Laurel turn left onto Fairview Street. Fairview will bring you to the back of the fairgrounds, what we call the West Gate, the horse gate, or (you’ll see the sign) Gate C. Gate C is your entrance. Once inside the fairgrounds you’ll be directed straight ahead to Camp Check-in. 

Tent campers: You’ll be parking within the festival grounds. Your car must stay put in the parking space until you leave the festival. [There’s one exception to this — the Thursday exception. You can come and go in your car until midnight on Thursday.] Golf carts and festival volunteers will shuttle you from your car to the tent camping area aka in BananaLand. (BananaLand? Why the name? We'll explain when you get here …). We are also hoping lots of campers will bring their own LRWs, aka little red wagons, to shuttle their tents and gear to BananaLand. 

RV campers: You’ll be directed into the RV Corral and one of us will walk you to your spot. The procedure is more specific this year because we’re carefully doling out electricity between RVs and the main stage. To maximize space, vehicles that are used to tow RVs will be parked outside the RV Corral in a nearby space within the festival. 

Please note: Whether you arrive Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, RV’s must be in camp before sundown -- that is, before 7:30pm. 

On another note: If you drive to the festival from downtown Greenfield, please be aware there is a low railroad bridge between downtown and the festival. Clearance, last we checked, is an honest 12’4". 

One more note: Once RVs are in camp, they must stay in camp from the time they arrive till they leave the festival. Vehicles which are used to tow campers are part of the Thursday Exception — they can come and go till midnight on Thursday.


If you arrive late at night and Gate C is already locked, come to Gate A, aka the main entrance to the fairgrounds, at 89 Wisdom Way. The festival box office is there, and so is Security. Security can make contact with camp crew so we can come direct you into camp. 


For those of you who’ve camped with us before, you'll be interested to know RVs will be behind the main stage on the infield of the horse track. In the spirit of the aggie fairgrounds we’re calling that area the RV Corral. 


ALL RVers, please fill out this information by 5pm ET on Tuesday 8/24 so we have your vehicle dimensions. Even if you filled it out once, please do it again. We've added more questions.



Tent camping will be where RVs used to be, in BananaLand. BananaLand is a wide expanse of grass on the north side of the field of the (awesome) Dean’s Bean’s stage. Tent campers can expect at least a 20x20 site, to promote social distancing. If the tent campers next door are part of your pod from home, you’re welcome to put your tents closer together. See the festival site map here.


Your festival/camping wristband will be your camping pass. Only festival goers with camping wristbands will be allowed in the RV Corral and BananaLand. To put it a slightly different way in order to avoid all confusion, all RV and tent campers over the age of 10* need a camping wristband. RV campers have also bought a pass for their rig, which they will receive at Check-in. 

*Campers 10yrs and under are free at the festival and in camping. They do not need wristbands. 

If you have questions, email us at


Any festival goers who rolled their 2020 passes over to 2021 are part of a group called the Festival Faithful. Certain benefits apply, including early entry at the main gate. There isn't an early-admission benefit for the campground (campers can already come early, on Thursday at noon) but you still get a 20% discount on Green River Festival merchandise on site at the festival store. We'll have stickers for Festival Faithful at Check-in. 


Camp follows the festival protocol: And we’re leaving plentiful open air between tents and RVs.

Please note that mask wearing is required in shuttle buses, restrooms and the Yankee Candle Family Village. Mask wearing is encouraged in crowded areas such as food/drink lines and in the standing areas in front of the stages. We request that you bring a mask; extra masks and hand sanitizer will also be available at the festival.  The fairgrounds offer large general admission lawn with ample room for physical distancing. Those who want more space are welcome to spread out on the back half of / and outer perimeter of the lawn.


Most of the events we used to plan for camp will now be part of the bigger day of festival scheduling. Gates are opening earlier than ever and we’ll have music going by 10:30am on Saturday and Sunday. Still there are some specific treats just for campers. On Thursday we’ll have a movie under the stars, and live music from the stringband, Appalachian Still. On Friday and Saturday nights, after the festival has ended for the night, we’ll have live sets for just camp. We also have yoga on Friday and Saturday mornings and a few fun surprises for when you get here.




We love bikes! Bring yours! We’ll have a bike valet during the day. At night you might want to lock your bike to the rack on your car. Remember a lock, plus reflective gear and lights, if you plan to be out at night. See below at Getting Around Greenfield for bike routes. 


Festival food vendors will be plentiful during festival hours. For campers, here’s some additional good news: A few of our favorite fest vendors will be coming early on Thursday — and/or cooking earlier than festival hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — to provide food especially for camp: 

All Things Maple (Marine Booth) will be grilling up grass-fed local burgers and hot dogs with fresh toppings, as well as hand-cut fries and build-your-own salads, all featuring local farms and food makers, from 10 am onward into the late evening on Thursday. Gluten-free and vegan options available.

The Bernardston Kiwanis (a familiar booth for campers from previous years) will be offering breakfast sammies, with vegetarian and gluten-free options, from 7-11 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Grab a sammie and a coffee for 6 bucks.

Skinny Pancake will be offering breakfast crepes, with gluten-free and vegan options, starting at 7 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Root Juice will be pressing fresh juice and making delicious smoothies starting at 8 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Dean's Beans will be opening up one of their trucks to serve coffee etc as soon as they are able starting on Thursday, time TBD.


Artists from the festival will play late-night sets on Friday and Saturday. We’ll have music on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well, starting around 10:30am. More info when you get here. 



We’ll have yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings circa 9am. Bring your yoga mat?! 


With camping and festival all in one place, you may choose not to leave the fairgrounds at all. But in case you’d like to explore downtown Greenfield and the surrounding hills in your free time, here’s info on Franklin County and the city of Greenfield: 

Greenfield's Main Street is less than a mile from the festival. 

For lovers of indie rock, the Greenfield venue Hawks & Reed is throwing a pre-fest show at 8pm on Thursday 8/26.  Proof of vax required.

There will be shuttle buses to the parking areas and to Downtown Greenfield. You don’t need the parking areas but you can ride the shuttles downtown. Here are shuttle hours:


Friday shuttles run from 1pm to 11pm 
Saturday shuttles, 9am to 11pm 
Sunday shuttles,  9am to 9pm 

There are no shuttle buses on Thursday. However, on Thursday campers may come and go in their cars or their RV towing vehicles until midnight. After that time, cars and towing vehicles must all remain parked in the festival until departing from the festival.


Said it before and we'll say it again, we encourage you to bring your bikes. Here’s a good article on biking in the area, with a DIY section and maps for routes. Please remember to bring bike locks. You may wish to lock your bike to your car’s bike rack at night after the bike valet area of the festival closes for the night. 


  • Only people wearing camp wristbands are permitted in BananaLand (tents) and the RV Corral (RVs). 

  • Tents are meant to be on sites that are 20x20 feet, for good social distancing. We’ll show you during load-in where to pitch your tent. 

  • Camp quiet hours are midnight until 7am. Please be kind to your neighbors inside and outside the festival. 

  • No fires or grills in camp. Nothing that could give off a spark. 

  • No pets, with the exception of service animals. 

  • No animals may be left in cars or RV's. 

  • No generators in BananaLand (tents). Generators are discouraged in the RV Corral (see note under electricity for RVs)

  • No glass containers

  • Anyone under 18 at the festival and camp must be accompanied by an adult 

  • RVs MUST BE IN CAMP BY SUNDOWN, which is 7:30pm. 

  • RVs must stay in camp till their departure from the festival.

  • Cars must stay in the camp till their departure from the festival -- except on Thursday, when cars and vehicles which tow campers may come and go until midnight. After midnight Thursday, all vehicles must stay parked until departure from the festival. 

  • Please do not run fans or air conditioners in tents or RVs during the day. 

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. Use the right bins, for our crew's sake. Please take big trash home — eg broken lawn chairs, umbrellas, tents. 


The camp store has a useful selection of items including bagged ice, tent stakes, tarps. It’ll be at the camp check-in. 


Please use your locked car to store items of value during times when you’re not in your tent. We have good security teams but this is an extra measure to keep your valuables safe. The festival cannot be responsible for lost or stolen goods. With apologies to all our great pickers, we do not have instrument storage for camp this year.


In addition to the festival list of things to bring remember your: 

Water bottle! No disposable plastic water bottles are allowed.

For tent campers:

  • Tent, tarp, rainfly, stakes. And once more again for empahsis? Tarp. 

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Soap & towel (there are showers) 

  • Rain poncho (although it never rains on the festival)(except that one time when it rained all weekend)(not that we're bitter) 

  • Masks for each member of your group, for use in any indoor spaces (shuttle buses,  restrooms, etc.)

  • Bikes, bike locks, reflective gear, lights 

  • RV's, please bring 25' of hose and a splitter, for your water supply. 


Please sign this waiver by Tuesday at 5pm. If you cannot sign online, you can sign at check-in. A parent or guardian must sign for anyone in their group who’s under age 17.



... is widely available from taps throughout the festival.  NOTE TO RVers:  please bring 25' of hose and a splitter. 


There are sockets around the fairgrounds for doing light chores like charging your cell phone. Ask for info at either Camp Check-in or at the BananaLand desk.



Over the summer as we’ve sorted out the electrical requirements of the festival (three stages included) we have found that we can offer 20 amps electricity to most RVs, with a few 30amp sites. (Originally we had thought we could offer 30 amps to all RVs.) If you have a big rig, a Class A vehicle, please consider arriving by noon on Thursday so we can load you into one of these 30-amp sites. Please be generous with each other and our staff as we sort this out. We are sharing electricity with the entire festival, including sound and lighting for three stages and it's been a real puzzle to solve.

To manage power distribution within the limits of the festival grid we are working with our electrician and Good Sam’s on-site inventory to ensure that each space has a dedicated circuit breaker and standard 110-120V “household” outlets. Circuit breakers are GFCI. Our friends at Good Sam have shared the following suggestions to avoid “nuisance trips” of your circuit breaker:

  • Please avoid use of air conditioning, toaster ovens, or microwaves

  • Switch refrigerators over to propane

Please note: Lighting, computers, TV’s, fans, etc. are all easily within 20 amps. 

Onboard generators, even with up pipes, are discouraged. Generator noise and fumes will be problematic for other RVs close by, and for areas bordering the campground. 


Cell phones generally get good service all over the festival and camp. We do not have wifi at all this year.  If you need wifi you can find it at a few places downtown. Ask at either one of the camp offices for more info.



Public showers will be open in the mornings and at night, but not during festival hours. They’ll be closed on Friday from 2pm-10pm, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 10pm. Campers! Get your clean on before or after those hours.


We can usually offer an on-site place where RV's can empty their septic tanks on Monday after the festival. Please ask campground staff for info.


In case of emergency, dial 911.

We will give you a list of staff and local cell numbers when you arrive at camp. 

2021 Campground Map
RV Inbound Route.jpg